Collaborating Director – Roger IngrahamRoger Ingraham
At age 19, Roger directed his first feature film, Moonshine, which was an official selection at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, making him the youngest feature filmmaker. Turning down offers in Hollywood, he instead traveled with a non-profit organization to Argentina and Nigeria, documenting the efforts to bring clean water and education to the people. Currently, he’s working on several projects that continue to inspire others.



Collaborating Director – Katheryn McGaffiganKatheryn McGaffigan
Katheryn grew up in New Hampshire and now lives in New York City as an actor and model. She performed internationally in the notorious ‘gypsy-punk’ band, Gogol Bordello. She also has credits as a producer, casting director, location manager and camera operator and she has one self-released record, a theater soundtrack. She holds her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Harvard University.


Collaborating Director – Jamie DeeJamie Dee
With over 10 years of digital photography experience, Jamie has done everything from portraits to advertising to events. She was a staff photographer for The Daily Campus, the University of Connecticut’s newspaper. She’s currently the photographer for a Four Wheel Drive company called Wilson Off Road. She has worked with media prankster Alan Abel, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Operation Toy Drop, and many other organizations. Most recently Jamie was published in Automobile Magazine and The New York Times.
Collaborating Director – Jeremy Lubman Jeremy Lubman
Jeremy is a freelance writer, producer, director, and photographer. His freelance work is often in partnership with one of these two great companies: or Be sure to check them out. Jeremy believes in the power of storytelling. It is his intention to use the various media available to tell stories that inspire wonder… stories that wake us up, connect us to our humanity, and remind us who we really are.


Collaborating Director – Tarynn WiehahnTarynn Wiehahn
Born in South Africa, Tarynn is a musician and storyteller.





Producer/Editor – Mike HedgeMike Hedge
Mike graduated from LA Film School majoring in producing and cinematography. After producing many short films and projects over the years, As The Dust Settles is his first feature-length documentary. He enjoys adventure travel, photography, gardening, and free energy research. He’s an Eagle Scout class of 1997.




RED Cinematography – Clayton HaskellClay Haskell
Clay is a Brooklyn, New York based filmmaker. He directs and shoots content for features, commercials, and the web. Haskell is currently working on his 1st feature film “Paper Moon”. For more information please visit


RED Cinematography – Stephen Lucas2866294684_bbfd8bcb49_b Stephen is a Cinematographer and 1st AC. He has worked on a variety of projects over the years, including feature length narratives and commercial productions and has experience with multiple camera systems and production types (e.g. film and digital cinema)






Camera Assistant/RED Cinematography – Nathan GarofalosNathan Garofalos Nathan is a Director/Cameraman. He has been working professionally since 2006 shooting all around the world, from the jungles of Venezuela to the Swiss alps for all different clients, Apple to Verizon, RedBull, and Monster, and everything in between.




Production Assistant – Isis Masoud Isis Masoud
Isis is an actress, choreographer, film producer, macro chef, and media enthusiast. She can produce your next show, take you on tour, and make a movie about it!


Production Assistant – Andrew A Peterson Andrew Peterson
Andrew is an artist who makes music, and an expert at various technology-related things.
Production Assistant – Kati BicknellKati Bicknell
Kati studied Visual Art at Bennington College, receiving her BA in 2002. After reading Toni Weschler’s Taking Charge of Your Fertility and being turned on the Fertility Awareness Method she set out to help women achieve better results around their reproductive health by improving the outdated technology around fertility charting. She co-founded a company called Kindara, and in June 2011 she graduated from the New York, Spring 2011 semester of the Founder Institute. In her free time she enjoys yoga, rock climbing, sewing and learning how to hula hoop.


Production Assistant – Andy HedgeAndy Hedge
Andy is a Mechanical Engineer working in the field of robotics.

Production Assistant – Valera ReznikValera Reznik
Valera uses his education in nutrition, mindfulness, Teaching, Dreamspell, Qhi-gung and Sacred sexuality to help create a full, creative, thriving life and cultivate a sense of well being by connecting to the wholeness of one’s being.




Production Assistant/Photographer – Lauren RandolphLauren Randolph
Lauren is a creative portrait photographer based out of Los Angeles, also known as “lauren lemon.”






Production Assistant – Caitlin RandolphCaitlin Randolph
Caitlin is a Los Angeles based Actor, Model, and Performer




Executive Producer – Gary HedgeGary Hedge
Thank you to everyone who helped, including some crew who asked to remain uncredited.